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Stepping Stones Riding Program

Stepping Stones Activities

Welcome to our Activities page. As a part of our Thousand Oaks community, we are continually engaged in activities to further not only our needs, but also those of our community combining our goals to provide an enriching environment for our residents. We attend many shows and host a variety of activities for our community of horsey people. We're just getting started here, so it's a bit limited, but as time progresses and we schedule more activities, we'll have lots more for you to see.

Upcoming Activities

Stepping Stones Garage Sale

It hardly seems possible, but summer is almost over. It’s time to go through all of our old household items to prepare for school and the holidays. To help you find a place for all of that stuff, Stepping Stones is having a garage sale on Saturday, October 5th from 8 AM to 1 PM. As you know, winter has always been difficult for Stepping Stones in many ways, one of which is a strain on our finances. By donating your items for our garage sale, you can, not only clean up and prepare for the coming seasons, but you can also help us build up our finances to help us through the coming winter

Please collect anything that may be someone else’s treasure and drop it off at Stepping Stones or my home beginning Saturday, September 28th and no later than Thursday, October 3rd. My address will be provided at our SSRP location or you can text me at (805)368-2117.


Fun Fact - Stepping Stones held a garage sale to earn the money to set up our program in 2012. The earnings from that sale paid for the paperwork needed to become a federal 501(c) 3 non-profit and a state approved charity in California. (It takes a good amount of cash to apply for these approvals, so garage sales are a really good thing for Stepping Stones.)

Stay tuned for information about our upcoming classes. Here's where you learn the nuts and bolts (or is it hoofs and mane?) of horses and horsemanship. We've gotten our next activity together. Here it is!

In addition, we try to participate in and/or present a variety of horse related activites and shows. Some of our events in the past are as follows:

(Events Past)

The 2019 Summer Camp Program

Each year we host summer camps for our riders of all ages. We even have one for the wee folks among us. For more information and to obtain the registration form just click this flyer. You can obtain even more information about our activities by visiting our "Program" page.

The 2018 Halloween Haunt

Last year was a stellar activity with a wide variety of gussied up riders and their steeds. We had our usual competitions along with a costume parade for those who wanted to participate.  it was held on Sunday, November 4, 2018 at Santa Rosa Valley Equestrian

The 2017 Halloween Haunt

Each year we go all out to dress up ourselves and our ponies.  Here's your chance to gussy up yourself and your favorite pony in honor of Halloween.  We have our usual competitions along with a costume parade for you and your horse  .

August, 2017 Fun Show

Did we say "August?" You betcha! What better way to celebrate the joys of Summer than to hitch our haunches to a saddle and ride around in the sun? Join us for our August Fun Show on the 6th at the Santa Rosa Valley Equestrian Park. For a list of the competitions, the entry particulars and the food offerings just take a look at our Fun Show to get an idea of the fun things we do, and prepare for another fun day of horsing around in 2017.